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If stocks start to fall, how low could they ultimately go?

When FBI anon leaked in early July, the whole idea was to expose the Clinton Foundation, and to hint at the sale of people.e.

“South Africa: the art of a nation” displays some wonderful examples of South Africa’s rich artistic heritage, including archaeological, historic and contemporary artworks.

Finding a familiar soul seems like a task of heroic proportions.

The Freedom Front Plus (FF ), a South African parliamentary party which claims to represent Afrikaans-speakers, has publicly backed South African billionaire businessman Johann Rupert who withdrew millions of rand worth of advertisements from a British magazine.

Mr Rupert, through his actions, sets an example to many South African companies who are at present finding all kinds of excuses as to why they want Afrikaans clients’ money but do not respect their language.“The FF calls on Afrikaans speakers to stand on their constitutional rights and to maintain their language without offending any other language.“The way in which Afrikaans is maintained will greatly determine whether the language will command respect from other language- and cultural groups.

“Afrikaans should not be a prickly pair in the South African language orchard with long thorns which nobody wants to touch.

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