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The best thing about bengali parents is that they are cool with certain things.There can be no dearth of reasons on why you should date a Bengali girl.Bengali girls aren’t too orthodox ideologically, but they carry values too.You don’t have to worry about assigning her a cute nickname to show love, because must be already having a You might be familiar with unique nicknames like Puchku, Bubla, Papia, Mishti, Munmun, etc. Bengalies have high family values but are progressive simultaneously too.

However, it might be tough facing the mother instead. The sari is the garment for Indian women, and when it’s Bengalis – it’s their best garment.You’ll get a sporty companion to enjoy various cuisines. When you are dating a Bong girl, you are getting a company of a cheerful, full-of-life girl. They can discuss over any topic with you, from happiest to the craziest.You have to be ready for some craziest moments of your life. They can enjoy with you, from hanging out to drinking.It's like a perpetual come hither look on their face.And this woman got that so perfectly -- her champagne voice, the quiet drawl, the swing of the hips. And to think men are suckers for that kind of crap!

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  1. Once you’re happy by yourself you can begin to make the right choices in whom to date. Do you have a job, a clean place to live, interests that take you outside yourself and a circle of friends?