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We talked and he told me that sleeping with just one person could get boring, but that he clearly likes me or else he wouldn’t spend time with me. He likes me, but not enough to say he likes only me? We still see each other pretty often, just now without the sex.

Motorbikes and scooters aren't as unsafe as their image suggests.Engine serial numbers are usually located on the drive side of most British motorcycles below the cylinder barrel or above the primary cover on the engine case its self.Below you will find Triumph engine numbers & frame numbers for 650 unit twins from 1963-1968.Their reputation is brought about by those who misuse them, not by the majority who ride to work and back every day without incident.If you've thought of learning to ride, don't be put off by the scaremongering.

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I intended for there to be another question about poetry and which ten books of poems you should read, but my answer went on so long that it didn’t fit into this column that’s allegedly, but not actually, a brief q & a.

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