Is it true that nicki minaj and drake are dating

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Is it true that nicki minaj and drake are dating

My mom knows every word to “Ride Wit Me.” The man is a legend.

With that said, let’s please slow down with the statements that Nelly was bigger at his peak than Drake is now.

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This has especially been the case, recently, as the rapper has been accused of impregnating former pornographic actress Sophie Brussaux.

With that being said, is Drizzy currently involved in a relationship? The answer, while complicated, appears to be a ”no.” The rapper’s most recent relationship was with actress Jennifer Lopez, and even then, it was something the couple never confirmed to the public.

Pace yourselves as we divulge into one of rap's greatest Twitter beefs.

On August 21, during his tour in Washington DC, Drake added more fuel to the feud when he took to the stage."I did another one, I did another one, that p***y still ain't did shit about the other one."Drizzy then took his Summer Sixteen tour to Philly and fuelled the flames EVEN MORE.

He took to the stage to throw more shade at Meek, changing his lyrics: "Man you not really from Philly and they can tell."If that wasn't enough, while performing Grammy nominated 'Back to Back October's Very Own', Drake took another shot at Meek Mill: "And just remember when you watch that video over and over tonight, it's not about your city, I love your city, you did that shit to your motherf**king self, boy."Drake = savage.

Meek Mill reportedly calls out Drake for "running out the back door" after his concert, which has since been edited.

It didn't stop there either, as the pair stuck together through thick and thin and Drake even sported a T-shirt saying "Free Meek Mill" when his former friend was sentenced to three to six months in prison in July 2014, for a drug and gun violation dating back to 2009.

(or WATTBA for short), released on September 20, 2015, taking more shots at the already drowned Meek Mill. Meek Mill reignited his beef with Drizzy in January 2016, around five months (a lifetime in the rap world) after the first diss track dropped with the release of his EP, dishing out bars such as "Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman, ain't nobody tell 'em this ain't what they want, man, you ain't really write it, I'm like, 'Who's your stuntman? Meek Mill didn't get the reception he had hoped for.

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