Invalidating a session in javascript

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Invalidating a session in javascript

It works fine if directly I click on browser close button.If I click on some in the page then window.onbeforeunload is getting triggered and session gets invalidated.

, what it takes me to a new window showing a chart, just for the purpose of display some graphics.

I write all the above headers and then invalidate the session.

after performing logout operation the page is forwarded to login page,then i press back button of the browser and it shows the dashboard or last page from where i perform the logout help or should post another question for it ?

Hi akhilesh tripathi welcome to Javaranch, Is this a JSP question? one of the moderators will move it to its proper place.

I think this can be done using Javascript, not sure.

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See Java World's handling of this for more information.

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